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SonLight Software is very serious about communicating with our users and we want to hear from you!  As a somewhat "virtual company", email is our primary means of communication so be sure that you configure your email and anti-spam software to allow incoming emails from both the "" and "" domains.  All of our emails will be plain-text (no html, attachments, multi-part MIME) unless there are specific special circumstances (i.e. tech support).  Please select the appropriate channel and click a link to begin composing your email:


Inquire about purchasing a license key (AKA "becoming a Registered User") for Yanoff+.

Mailing List

Subscribe to the New Yanoff email list.  This list is our primary method of notifying our users of price discounts, software updates, special offers and other important news about New Yanoff.  Unsubscribing is as simple as clicking on a link at the bottom of any of the occasional emails that are sent.  The "Stay Informed" form in the upper-left corner of each of our web pages is an alternative method to join the same list.


Share a unique story about an interesting user or application use of New Yanoff.  We promise to contact you before actually publishing the story but be aware that all submissions become the sole property and copyright of SonLight Software.  If your story surprises or amuses us, it is highly likely you will receive a FREE LICENSE for Yanoff+ in gratitude!  Visit our Testimonial Page to read some of the stories we've received.


Propose a business partnership where we can work together for our mutual benefit.  We are currently seeking an advertising sponsor (such as paid News Server) who desires for his Usenet service to be seen by our tens of thousands of our users.  We are also always eager to become an affiliate for quality, related internet software.

Personal Data

Update our records when your email address or other contact information changes.

Bug Reports

Report a bug in the absurdly unlikely event we made a mistake in New Yanoff which slipped past our crack Beta Test team!  We will reply to all bug reports eventually.


Volunteer to translate if you fluently speak an unsupported language and desire that New Yanoff software and documentation be published in that language.  All translation partners will receive public credit for their work as well as a FREE LICENSE for Yanoff+!


Suggest an improvement or request a feature that will enhance New Yanoff.  We do not reply to feature suggestions unless we need clarification, but we promise to read each one.  Specific feedback from our users is the primary method we use we decide what changes will be made to New Yanoff!

Lost Keys

Request your key be resent; these requests are given the highest priority in our email queue.


Request support if you are a registered user (you have bought a license for Yanoff+); these requests are given the highest priority in our email queue.

Press Inquiries

Inquiries from members of the press will be promptly replied.


Contact the Webmaster to comment on this web site. If anything you have seen is confusing or erroneous, we'd especially appreciate hearing from you.

Snail Mail

SonLight Software
615 Weeping Willow Rd
Garland TX USA 75044-2533

Everything Else

Send a general email to us at this address if none of the others seems appropriate.

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